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There is no one who doesn’t know that word: MIRACLE. Every religion and belief, and every philosopher has his own definition of miracle. In fact, everyone has experienced or get many miracles in life.
And… that’s how we call ourselves!

Miracle Crochet is an Indonesian local brand since October 1, 2013 in Yogyakarta and founded by Fatimah Azzahrah (Asya Azalea is her pen name). She likes crocheting since junior high school. In her eyes, her mom is the best crocheting-teacher-ever. Actually, she founded Miracle Crochet unintentionally. Initially, she made a product based on her family and friends’ order. And then finally, she realizes something. She want to make something that can be a miracle for others. She just wants her life more valuable to others through Miracle Crochet. So, she ventured to conceptualize her crochet stuffs and sell it more broadly.

Fatimah Azzahrah as the owner of Miracle Crochet also founded Duduk Manis Merajut. This is a workshop agenda for those who want to learn crocheting. Through this program, we want to share our knowledge and experience in creating crochet stuff. The program is also made to make you more familiar with handmade items and understand why their price is always more expensive.

Until now Miracle Crochet has had several freelance workers who helped crochet and serve customers.

Miracle Crochet has slogan: Embrace your imagination! 
It means, we will always help you create crochet stuff by your imagination or your ideas. Thus, all of the product you buy is unique and limited edition. We also always ensure that each of our products are made from the best quality yarn so you will not be disappointed.
Aside from making custom products, we also present some wearable products with a cheerful concept, such as crochet bags, accessories, shoes, etc.
As the closing sentence, we hope to continuing to make something special for you. We will continue to learn and be open to collaboration. Do you have an idea to be realized? Feel free to contact us! 


Miracle Crochet

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